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Sprouts: Trauma Informed Care Preschool

Sprouts is a Trauma-Informed Care Preschool designed to address the cognitive, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of children aged 2-5 with a history of trauma. At Sprouts, we understand that children who have experienced trauma face a unique set of behavioral and emotional challenges. Sprouts provides a variety of therapeutic interventions in a warm and nurturing classroom setting so that children may heal from trauma and experience a happier and healthier childhood!

Our Curriculum

Sprouts Trauma-Informed Care Preschool combines therapeutic interventions and preschool curricula in a small class size of no greater than 10 children.

  • The Creative Curriculum
  • Incredible Years programs for parents
  • TheraPlay Sunshine Circles

preschool teacher with her students gathered around a table playing and learning together
Group Of Elementary Age Children In Class

Services We Offer

  • Individual play therapy sessions
  • Social-emotional group therapy sessions
  • Immediate classroom interventions for problem-solving, peer conflict, etc.
  • Support to families including weekly contact, skill building, and Child Family Team Meetings        


In Sprouts children will learn to:

  • Increase self-esteem & a positive attitude
  • Appropriately identify & express emotions
  • Use coping skills to decrease the onset of emotional escalation and avoid unsafe behaviors
  • Use prosocial skills with adults & peers, such as sharing, turn taking, problem solving, and communicating

By instilling these skills Sprouts aims to:

  • Increase placement stability
  • Increase healthy attachments between children and families
  • Prepare children for a typical school setting
  • Reduce the early onset of emotional and behavioral problems in young children


If you know a local child or family who may benefit from Sprouts Trauma-Informed Care Preschool, please contact (916) 482-2370 ext. 1059 or email TIC@crhkids.org.