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Success Stories

The Children’s Receiving Home has served and impacted thousands of individuals not only in the Sacramento region but throughout California since 1944. Each youth we have served through our programs all have unique and inspirational stories. It is because of our community of supporters we are able to fulfill our mission and make a difference during a tough time in their lives.

Path to Healing Together

Partial Hospitalization Program

Jane a 15-year-old who participated in the Partial Hospitalization Program earlier this year was struggling with depression, anger, anxiety, and intense suicidal ideation. She was adopted and had many other adopted siblings some of whom have special needs. She felt invisible. She was having angry outbursts at home and struggled to keep herself safe. Jane came to the program and excelled. Communication was opened during family meetings and Jane’s whole family was impacted by the child’s treatment. The whole family began using the coping skills Jane was taught in the Partial Hospitalization Program. She left the program better able to manage the symptoms that were once debilitating and with a multitude of coping skills in her proverbial toolbox. Her family was extremely grateful for our program, and the Partial Hospitalization team is so proud of her hard work!

*Names and other identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of the youth.

Healing and Growing

Residential Treatment Program

Kevin, a 16-year-old on the Autism Spectrum had difficulty engaging with his peers and adults. He had experienced some trauma as a young child and because of that, he struggled for a good portion of the first month in the Children’s Receiving Home Residential Treatment Program. Over time – with a lot of consistency and building trust through therapy – he worked his way through the program and graduated to return to his mother’s care.

Upon discharge Kevin’s mother presented the team with a card that read:

“To all the amazing staff at CRH, you are so very nice! Much appreciated to all of you. Thank you for taking care of my kiddo these past 3 months!”

Kevin’s mom shared with the team this summer that he was entering the 12th grade and included a few of his senior pictures. He is doing well and continues to utilize all of the tools and skills he learned in the Residential Treatment program.

*Names and other identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of the youth.

Boy standing looking at the camera with his arms crossed
Girl holding a diploma graduating from preschool

Beyond ABCs and 123s

Sprouts: A Trauma-Informed-Care Preschool

Sarah is a four-year-old girl who came to Sprouts with a range of tantrum-like behaviors that ultimately lead to her removal from a previous preschool program. At the start of Sprouts Sarah hit and kicked peers, destroyed classroom toys, and frequently used grunting or loud noises to communicate her needs. Sarah had sensitivities to sensory stimuli and had difficulty connecting with others. By the end of Sprouts Sarah was using words to describe her wants, needs, and feelings, responding proactively to classroom expectations, engaging in play with peers, and seeking one-on-one attention from classroom staff. Sarah has transitioned into a typical classroom! Sarah’s parents have noted a similar change in behaviors at home, they say she is a more responsive, happy kiddo!

*Names and other identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of the youth.

A Second Chance

Supporting Community Connections

Megan is a 23-year-old homeless single mother who reached out to Supporting Community Connections hoping to regain custody of her infant son. SCC connected with Birth and Beyond about parenting/anger management courses she can participate in. A few weeks later Megan was able to earn supervised visits with her son and move on to the next steps to gain full custody. Megan continues to check in weekly with updates.

*Names and other identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of the youth.

mom holding her baby

Their Stories Through Their Eyes

Amber Celmer

C. Cloud Monteclaro

Danielle Carralez